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How long does it take?

Generally it takes 6 to 8 weeks from the time you place the order and I receive your photo reference till the portrait is complete.  If the portrait is meant as a gift or for a special occasion I will try to accommodate your schedule.  Contact me and we can discuss it

Christmas and the Holidays are another concern.  Try to place orders for the holidays as soon as possible, preferably by the end of September.  Holiday orders are filled on a first come first served basis and shipping time can be protracted. 


Can I send you pictures?

Good Pictures

Whether you are taking pictures for me to work from or looking through your photo albums,  remember what the photographs are for.   They are a photographic documentation of the subject's anatomical "parts and pieces."  In addition they show me the subject's carriage and stance.  The object is not to supply me with a pretty picture, but one that shows me how the subject holds it's ears, the length of the nose, how the fur whirls around the eyes, etc.    Quantity is as important as quality.  The unique traits of the subject are more discernable in a wide range of photographs.  The more reference material you provide the better the Portrait.

Taking Your Own Pictures

  • Check the outdoor lighting conditions.   It should be sunny or bright with light cloud cover, early morning is probably the best time of day.

  • Take the subject outside.  Natural light is preferred.  Do Not Use A Flash

  • Position yourself with your back facing the direction of the sun and your subject directly in front of you with the light hitting its face.

  • You may need someone to hold your subject's lead, to bait your subject with snack treats or to play and toss a favorite toy to get your its attention.

  • Crouch down, get down at eye level with your subject.  If you want a head study try to almost fill the view finder frame with the head.  When photographing the body have your handler or friend help stack your subject.   Try to keep the animal parallel to the lens plane and almost fill the frame.  Think about what you would like to see in the final portrait.  If you would prefer a 3/4 view of your animal concentrate the bulk of your photos towards that end.

  • The more shots you take the more material I'll have to work with.  I recommend taking as many pictures of your dog as you can, capturing all of the various facial expressions and planes.  The more detail you provide in the photos the better I can capture the essence of your pet.  Download the pictures onto a or Thumb Drive/Memory stick and forward them to my mailing address.

    John D. Kreger-Artist 
    PO Box 88 
    San Ysidro
    New Mexico

If this seems a bit complicated, there is always the possibility I could photograph the subject.  Contact me to make an appointment to meet you.

Can You Do A Portrait Of A Deceased Pet? 

Generating a portrait of a deceased subject represents a challenge.  My success will be determined by the quantity and quality photographs you have of the subject.   Sort through you existing pictures and send me as many as you can.  Good Pictures allow me to create a portrait you will be pleased with for years to come.  The photographs will be returned to you, unharmed, when the portrait is complete. Contact me and we can discuss the options.

What Is The Size Of The Finished Portrait?

The finished portrait is 10" x 15" .  A single image will have one rendering.  A double image will have two and so on. Contact me to discuss other options with regards to the number of images incorporated into the piece.

 All Images © 2020, John D. Kreger

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