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Sparkey's Recipe of the Month
Dedicated to keeping our Masters happy & well fed.


Roasted Poblano Chili Pumpkin Soup

I noticed John was a bit chilly this morning and thought my master needed something warm and filling to take the cold edge off the day.  I quickly scampered to the kitchen and took stock of the various provisions that he'd put up for the long winter months and immediately found my answer.  I spied a  beautiful cooking Pumpkin resting on the first shelf of the root cellar along side three, dark green, Poblano Chili Peppers...overwhelmed with inspiration I gathered them up and immediately began my preparation.  

I had already boiled the carcass of the Thanksgiving Turkey and had about two and a half quarts of reduced stock which I put on the stove over a medium heat.  While the stock was warming up I took the Pumpkin, split it, scooped out the seeds and "goop", sliced it into 1' long sections and used my kitchen knife to remove the rind.  When that was complete the Pumpkin was cut into bite sized pieces and put into the now boiling stock.  About six stalks of Celery were diced and added at the same time. Once it started boiling again I "pawed" the heat down to a bubbly simmer.

I was feeling a bit lazy and did not want to brave the elements to start my traditional Chili Roasting fire outdoors soooooo I removed the tops of the peppers, slit them lengthwise, removed the seeds, flattened them out and placed them skin down in my trusty, overly large cast iron skillet....which by the way had been heating the whole time I was preparing the peppers.  The key, here, is to blacken the outer skin which will allow for its easy also aids in its flavor...both in the pepper but the kitchen as well!  Once the outer skin was blackened I scraped off the skin and sliced the into long thin strips and cut them once again into about one inch lengths.  

Meanwhile the Pumpkin has been simmering away and the base soup was beginning to thicken up naturally.....some of my "kennel buddies" like to "puree" the Pumpkin but I prefer the "Old School" method and let the Pumpkin slowly dissolve...leaving some small bits.  At this point I leaped up to the spice rack and pawed down some Cardamom, Sweet Paprika and ground Cayenne pepper.  Adding almost a tablespoon of the Cardamom, a fully rounded teaspoon of  Paprika and a shake or two of Cayenne the wonderful mix was stirred for a few moments and tasted....for seasoning purposes only mind you.  When the proper balance of seasoning was reached I added the Poblano Chili and let the soup continue to simmer for another thirty minutes of so.

I watched my frozen Master enter the house and was delighted to see his eyes perk up as he caught the fully aromatic scent of my culinary efforts.  I quickly ladled out a large bowl of this sumptuous mix along with freshly prepared Jalapeno Cornbread and sweet gladdens my heart when my master is properly fed.  All in a days work!

Tell me what you think of this recipe.  John will read me my e-mails.

 All Images © 2020, John D. Kreger

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